MPDS-100 ; IP Media Player

MPDS-100, Full HD(1080p) Media Player, is an integrated playing device that plays video/audio files, different types of documents as well as real time streaming of IP camera(encoder) based on TCP/IP network.

When used with our IP video wall software program, MPDS-100 can play contents to designated place by preset schedule and display caption on the screen. MPDS-100 can be used for advertisement using video, can be used for security or broadcasting using IP camera, as well as can be optimal solution for remote lecture using video with PDF, MS office documents.

 MPDS-100 can be used with IPVDS-500 for transmitting H.264 codec to IP Video Wall Control solution as it converts H.264 codec to HDMI video interface and IPVDS-500-E(Encoder) receive HDMI interface from MPDS-100 and use it as a video source.

Tech Specs

•Compatible with IPVDS-700-ED IP video wall

• H.264 codec Media Player supports FHD (1080p) resolution based on TCP/IP

• Provides HDMI output, analog audio output, RS-232 port for external device control

• Supports various sources such as documents (PDF, MS Office, and etc), video files, YouTube, IP camera (encoder), picture, audio files, text, scrolling text (thicker)

• Up to 100 groups x 99 presets = 9,900 display configuration and preset files save/load

•Immediate play by group, scheduling (weekly/sequence)

• Enables to use web browsing, file explorer, video play features