The beauty of our video over fiber solutions is that they can be utilized in many different environments. Take a look at some of the industries we have served below.




The healthcare industry is becoming increasingly dependent on imaging. This trend is driving more demand for a comprehensive imaging data flow and higher resolutions, especially in diagnostic and surgical environments. Our extenders are the optimal solution for medical imaging systems. Our fiber technology is free of any electromagnetic interference and causes virtually zero latency, making it perfect for healthcare environments.



Gamers are uncompromising in their need for high-fidelity graphics and high refresh rates. This makes Opticis USA’s products perfect for the rapidly growing eSports market, which is composed of game developers, professional gamers and streamers.


Media & Entertainment

Broadcast & Post-Production environments oftentimes require video signal to be transmitted over great distances between multiple facilities. Additionally, the introduction of 4K video has greatly increased the market’s demand for video transmission over fiber. Traditional copper solutions oftentimes lack the bandwidth required, making Opticis USA’s fiber extenders the perfect solution.



Digital signage has become an increasingly popular way to advertise in the modern world. For the last couple decades, it has been proliferating in commercial, entertainment, education, and public spaces to provide stunning visual branding and general information.



Data that is transported in military and government spaces require secure and reliable solutions. Other sensitive environments include power plant facilities, traffic control, and command & control centers. Opticis USA’s fiber technology provides secure video transmission that can be relied upon in the most sensitive mission-critical environments.


stadiums, museums & Theaters

Large venues are becoming increasingly reliant on fiber technology to ensure that video signal can be sent over extremely long distances. Our fiber connectivity solutions are equipped with single-mode fiber to handle long distance transmission.


flight simulation

Flight and military training simulators require video signal to be delivered instantaneously. Opticis USA’s fiber extenders have become a trusted solution in the simulation industry because of their durability, reliability, and low latency.


luxury marine

The increasing demand for hi-fidelity AV systems in the luxury marine industry has caused many designers to move towards fiber, due to its robust bandwidth capacity and long-distance extension.